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Quirkiest capital of Europe

Berlin seems to be one of the most overlooked megapolises of Europe. While everyone thinks of London or Paris as best capitals, Berlin has so many hidden secrets, which none of other cities could offer. With its controversial history, architectural … Continue reading

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Мои семь чудес

Одна из недавних впечатливших меня фраз гласит: не говори мне где ты учился, скажи мне как много ты путешествовал. Источник приписывает авторство фразы пророку Мухаммеду, хотите верьте, хотите нет. Но сейчас не об авторстве. Вдохновившись последними номадическими обсуждениями, решила собрать … Continue reading

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24 часа в чужом городе

Динара Дултаева в Лондоне «Мухаммас» на произведение Сардора Бабаева о Ташкенте и Саида Насимова о Бухаре. 14.35 Кардиф Последнее время всегда прихожу на остановку на 20 минут раньше. Боюсь опаздать. И как будто от этого в Лондоне у меня будет … Continue reading

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Day 9. Artistic Florence

When I first arrived in Cardiff for doing my master’s one of my early questions to my tutors was: what are the ways to become creative? I think I have found the answer to this question in Florence. The inspiring … Continue reading

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DAY 2. Perugia. Festival Del Giornalismo

As my main aim of traveling was International Journalism Festival today I headed to Perugia accompanied by the view of amazingly rural Italian landscape. The festival takes part in this picturesque evergreen mountain city every year and put together thousands … Continue reading

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Day one. Mi sento a casa

My big Europe trip begun on a beautiful day: 11.04.11 from Italy. After a bus journey to London, I flight to Bologna and arrived in the city full of legend and wonderful people. Italy has welcomed me with an unusually … Continue reading

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8 hours in Bath

9.14 (or 8.14 on my clocks) Morning was very messy. Because of this change of time. UK clocks were moved one hour forward because winter daylight saving was over. Debjani’s text message woke me up as we were planning to … Continue reading

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122 days in America

Julien Tremblin, 23 years old travel blogger, first visited USA when he was 13 with his parents. Nine years later he came back with his sister to explore more one of the most diverse countries in the world. “I always … Continue reading

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And I never be with you…

fred: hey, are you really in Philly? philly-girl: yes. fred: what is your real name? philly-girl: Kat. fred: nice to meet you, Kat, my name is Freddy. She usually does not meet strangers online, but this time is different. This … Continue reading

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Edge of the World

If there are some places on this planet where the Earth meets the Heaven, that is probably Gower Peninsula.  When I was a kid, I read that Edge of the World is somewhere in the UK. I guess, I know … Continue reading

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