Quirkiest capital of Europe

Berlin seems to be one of the most overlooked megapolises of Europe. While everyone thinks of London or Paris as best capitals, Berlin has so many hidden secrets, which none of other cities could offer. With its controversial history, architectural contrasts, smooth public transport, comfy infrastructure and vivid cultural life, to me Berlin seems as one of the most welcoming capitals in Europe.



Unlike many megapolises time in Berlin seems to be relatively slow. It is easy to get anywhere in 20 minutes or less thanks to extremely comfortable system of UBahn (underground), SBahn (city train), trams and buses. Tickets and all are very easy to understand and almost no chance to get lost, unless you take a train into another direction20160118_132100.

The mixture of socialistic, Prussian and modern architecture makes the city very dynamic and contrast. Thanks to wide streets it is also easy to find the way and to move around.

20160116_195341Events are happening in town all the time. Although January is one of the quietest seasons in many other places, Berlin is an exception. Green Week, Fashion Week, Fashion Trade Show, many premiers at Deutscher Oper or Cinemax – this all was happening during my short stay in town. And what is important all these events are easily accessible both for local or international visitors. It feels like very open and welcoming. Actually in Berlin you never feel the gap between high class and the mass, you rarely find something unaffordable.

77For luxury hunters it also has something to offer. Les Champes Ellysees style street Kurfurstendamm transforms you into French atmosphere of luxury shopping, while KaDeWe is really much bigger then Harrods of London. And unless Harrods, KaDeWe’s food section is located on the top floor making you feel in a real gourmet haven.

Food heaven in KaDeWe

Food heaven in KaDeWe

I would say that the whole Berlin is like KaDeWe. Very calm and humble from outside and mind-blowingly delicious once you enter. Why would you need to scream about your greatness when you never doubt it inside yourself?

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2 Responses to Quirkiest capital of Europe

  1. Agree 100%! Great photos, I definitely hope to go back someday

  2. Axel Porsch says:

    I´m happy that you enjoyed my hometown Berlin so much. KaDeWe food department and Chamäleon are a must for every visitor. And there are so many non-spectactular places to enjoy life. Berlin is a good place to live and survive)))

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