Dolce Far Niente

It was loveliest evening and very long exciting day. I seem really enjoying my singlehood, city, its attractions and people around.

That was my first home-alone-student-rush-morning. When I woke up it was 9 am, exactly the time when my bus to the tour around Cardiff was supposed to live from the University’s main building. I had two choices: whether run relying on luck or acknowledge my fault punish myself with a boring homestay Sunday. At that time I didn’t even think. Didn’t choose. Just run. It took me 10 minutes to reach the bus, which was just about to leave. Lucky me!

Rain cannot destroy any plans of UK people. This is what I learnt. So we had to discover the history of the key mining industry of Wales at the Big Pit: National Coal Museum. Later on when I was this attraction the first among Cardiff’s ‘must see’ places, I was quite proud that we did it. Going all the way down – 300 ft underground with the most exciting guide who had enormous sense of humor, toughing multimedia exhibitions, learning about the real life of thousands of workers, feeling grateful for modern comfort, we even forgot about the wet weather outside. And even staying on the mountains, we couldn’t run before making some photos of extremely picturesque panorama of valleys down.

Next stop was Cosmeston Medieval Village. Here you can feel yourself in Celtic life with all its historical realities. Trying on the equipment of ancient warrior, watching the process of the real bread cooking, visiting houses of farmer, meeting real village animals, learning about the taste and ‘smell’ of life of medieval habitant was exciting and educative. Amazing nature, beautiful lakes made the picture totally out of the real world.

I really didn’t notice how evening came, all I felt was, that I really needed to have a good dinner. And I called my friends, as I used to doing back home and was not sure that would find new great friends so fast. My lovely girls was glad to spend Sunday evening in a Turkish restaurant, which we started looking for in the Cathays. That was interesting though. We had found one Arabic place with a reasonable ‘halal’ (as it was written) food and realized that we needed a good cheesecake and better continuation of the evening.

Cheesecake has been followed by an amazing movie with Julia Roberts and Javier Barden. OMG, that was amazing! EAT PRAY LOVE. This is the movie’s title. It is about the travel of a women inside herself. Lost and desperate in her relationships Julia Roberts’ heroines quit with men and travels to Italy, India and Bali. Such a breathtaking views of Rome, touching quotes of Italian life philosophy, and further search of Balance in Eastern traditions. There is an amazing scene when an Italian man says: ‘You, Americans, don’t know how to enjoy life. We say it Dolce Fareniento – Enjoy… doing nothing’. And this is exactly what I felt in Italy and feel in love with it. Delicious food, homemade wine, jelatino, beautiful cities and nature, peace and harmony. It is all there in well-done film.

Seems like in the Eternal city you don’t even need to be in love to enjoy life. Maybe it is even best to be single while discovering it and harmony of yourself, relax and take your time. And the Rome fills you with love, which you can feel in every molecule of your body. Julia Roberts says amazing words: ‘I am in love. I am having a relationship with my slice of pizza’. And this can be true in Italy, where food can be so special.

And then she goes to India in search of God, and then to Bali in search of her destiny. When she finally meets Javier Barden there and they certainly fall in crazy love, she escapes again. ))) Back to Runaway Bride. Welcome to Hollywood. But here is another great quote: sometimes to keep your balance, you have too keep the love. She was just scared to lost herself when she just found it and this words of a Guru leads to the uninhabited island with Barden’s hero. Happy End! One more applauses to Holliwood, please.

Anyway, movie was really impressive and inspiring. We often afraid of changes, but change is the new stage of us. When something collapses, new life is coming and we discover ourselves again. And this is really great.

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